In my last two blogs on responsive web design, we explored what responsive designs are, why businesses use it and the benefits from the design. At ardent-online we recognise that responsive design will reduce costs and automate business growth by uncovering possibilities for your business online.

Thus, responsive design appears to be an idealistic and easy approach, but there are some challenges that you need to overcome to produce the right responsive design for your website.

Building a responsive design website can take some time as it requires preparation, implementation and in most cases more testing.

In our experience, it takes longer to convert an existing website into a responsive one than to build one from ground up. If you are thinking about going mobile, and doing so by making your website responsive, there is a fair amount of technicalities and work that would need to be put in place beforehand to ensure you get the result that you expect.

Examples include:

Simply Removals
Castle Finance

However, there is a far greater advantage you gain in the long term with responsive website design. There is one set of code for your website which will remain the same, be it content and structure, and the overall visibility you gain from having your website available on different devices is tremendous. In a recent survey for one of our customers – a reputable solicitor practice, we found that they had more than 25% visitors on their website using mobile or tablet to access their website.

The way we created the layout for All Season Marquees, an online retail customer; we prioritized their content for mobile use. While with their desktop version we displayed far more content all at once, however in the smaller screens, their customer needs to know exactly what matters. We stacked the information so that the relevant details for hiring a marquee can easily be found- providing an enhanced experience for their visitors.

Interaction that works just fine on one device may not work on another. For example, we recently refreshed our website which is powered by responsive design. Our visitors that browse our website using a laptop or PC is usually to obtain information and explore our website. However, those that are browsing our website using mobile or tablet are looking for specific information such as contact details or a quick read through our popular blogs.

If you need further information, drop us a line on 01582 870 180 and find out what responsive design will do for you- together; we can make ideas happen.

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